How to get Visas of Sierra Leone from Philippines


Facts about Sierra-leone

The main attraction in Sierra Leone are the beaches. River Number 2 beach was voted to be the best beach in Africa, tourists can look forward to enjoying the facilities on the beach. The country also has nature reserves, mountains and island where tourists can go sightseeing and for recreation. The people in Sierra Leone have a reputation for being friendly and hospitable towards visitors.
Tourism in Sierra Leone is one of the best kept secrets in Africa. The tourism industry has become more influential in Sierra Leone due to the investment made in the country by Radisson Blu and Hilton. The tourism sector contributes huge revenues to the economy and provide jobs for Sierra Leonean. The country is visited by hundreds of thousands of people yearly.

Basic Travel Requirements for Filipinos visiting Sierra-leone

  • A valid passport with a validity of six months beyond your stay in Sierra Leone.
  • Fully completed visa application form
  • Two passport photographs size 51mm x 51mm.
  • Valid Philippine passport and one copy
  • Original of valid resident visa
  • Confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage & one copy
  • Proof of group travel
  • Proof of hotel booking in Sierra Leone
  • Airline reservation for Sierra Leone and one photocopy
  • Current bank statement and one copy
  • Visa fees for Sierra Leonean Visa

Types of Sierra-leone Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Business Visa 5 business days 3 months
Tourist Visa 5 business days 3 months
Work Visa 5-10 working days 3 months

Visas of Sierra Leone Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Business Visa Not available
Tourist Visa Not available
Work Visa Not available

FAQs about Visas of Sierra Leone

What is Sierra Lone famous for producing ?

Sierra Leone is known for mining, especially of diamonds, for its economic base. It is also among the largest producers of titanium and bauxite, and a major producer of gold, and has one of the world's largest deposits of rutile. 

Is Sierra Leone safe to visit ?

Yes, Sierra Leone is safe to visit. But be vigilant of the significant risk of pickpocketing, theft and also aggravated robbery. This is not the place to flash lots of cash and wear expensive cameras around your neck.

What is the culture in Sierra Leone like ?

The majority of people in Sierra Leone still live a traditional, agricultural way of life, with ruling chiefs, and religions that preserve social stability, as well as local music, dance, customs, and traditions. Handshaking is the normal form of greeting.

Is Sierra Leone an English speaking country ?

Yes, Sierra Leone is an English speaking country. The English language is spoken by 90% of the population of Sierra Leoneans.

3 Visas of Sierra Leone found

Business Visa from Philippines to Sierra Leone

This visa is issued to the Philippines traveling to Sierra Leone for tourism One completed Sierra Leone visa application Two passport-type photos with a white background Holders of this visa can attend exhibitions, conferences and sign contracts. One copy of proof of vaccination for yellow fever Medical insurance Payment of visa fee Physical passport with 6 months validity beyond trip completion and one blank visa page Flight itinerary Company business letter on your company letterhead.

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Tourist Visa from Philippines to Sierra Leone

This visa is issued to the Philippines traveling to Sierra Leone for tourism/sightseeing A valid passport with a validity of six months beyond your stay in Sierra Leone If invited. An invitation letter from the host should be provided Two passport photographs size (35mm x 45mm) Medical insurance Evidence of sufficient funds to finance stay in Sierra Leone Payment of visa fees A completely filled tourist visa application form by the applicant A genuine reason for traveling to Sierra Leone Income tax return

Category: Visas of Sierra Leone, Visa, Tourist visa

Work Visa from Philippines to Sierra Leone

This visa is issued to the Philippines traveling  to Sierra Leone for business purposes A valid passport  A completely filled work visa application form  A valid residence permit Letter from the employer stating the job title Two passport photographs with a white background. Photocopy of company registration and a business name Educational qualification Letter of employment from the organization in Sierra Leone Curriculum vitae Proof of a clean criminal track. A genuine reason for working in Sierra Leone

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