How to get Visas of Oman from Philippines


Facts about Oman

Oman is a top tourist destination for its islands and beaches. It is also a prime tourist destination for its deserts. A lot of tourists love to take rides on camels in the desert. The country has plantations and vegetation which adds color to the already beautiful landscape.

Tourism plays a vital role in the Omani economy. The number of tourists grew to 5 percent from the number posted the previous year. A total of 3.3 million tourists visited the country in the past year.

In the country, only licensed hotels and restaurants sell alcohol. If you need to take alcohol at home, you need to acquire a license. It is considered illegal to live together or share the same room with someone of the opposite sex to whom you are not married to or who is not your relative.

Basic Travel Requirements for Filipinos visiting Oman

  • A valid visa application form.
  • An original passport.
  • Two (2) 40mm x 60mm photographs of the applicant.
  • Copy of the applicant’s Philippine passport which must be valid for not less than 3 months.
  • Determine the type of visa to apply for.
  • Payment of visa fees.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to finance travel.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Income tax returns from the previous year.

Types of Oman Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Business Visa 3 days 6 months
Tourist Visa 3 days 30 days
Work Visa 2-15 days 30 days

Visas of Oman Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Business Visa 20.00 (OMR)
Tourist Visa 20.00 (OMR)
Work Visa 201.00 (OMR)

FAQs about Visas of Oman

What is the best time to visit Oman ?

The best time to visit Oman is between October to March, during the winter months, when the weather is pleasant and cool.

What is the official language of Oman ?

Arabic is recognized as Oman's national and official language. The Baluchi language is also widely spoken in Oman. The CIA identifies English, Urdu, and several indigenous languages as the other primary languages used in Oman.

Can I drink alcohol in Oman ?

No, If you live in Oman, you can get a license to drink alcohol at home from the Royal Oman Police. Licensed hotels and restaurants sell alcohol. It's an offense to drink, or be drunk, in public.

Is Oman an expensive country ?

Yes, Oman is an expensive destination, no matter how you travel and how hard you try to save money. First, there is no real public transport system, so you have to rely on a car. Although car rentals are cheap and gasoline costs close to nothing, this remains a major part of the budget.

3 Visas of Oman found

Business Visa from Philippines to Oman

This visa is issued to the Philippines traveling to Oman for business-related activities. If you are visiting someone or attending a business meeting, you should get an invitation letter. The letter of invitation should be sent to you before the application.  You should submit evidence of recent or present business relationship with the contact. Completely filled the business visa application form. A valid passport. Two recently taken passport photographs.  Cover letter stating your trip details.  You should provide an introduction letter from your employer stating that you have been permitted to visit Oman during your travel period.  Your civil status. This confirms your marriage status. This may be a marriage certificate or civil status proof. Proof of return flight tickets reservations.  Proof of accommodation in Oman where you intend to stay.  Proof that you can finance yourself during the stay.

Category: Visas of Oman, Visa, Business visa

Tourist Visa from Philippines to Oman

This visa is issued to the Philippines traveling to Oman for tourism Oman visa application needs to be duly filled and signed by the applicant Two recent passport-size colored photographs with a white background A letter of invitation from the host Hotel Reservations  Travel Insurance  Leave letter from the company(if employed) that approves your absence from work in order to travel Original Passport with minimum 6 months validity with at least two empty pages A personal cover letter with the entire travel plan Bank statements for the last 3 months with bank attestation Income Tax Returns  Confirmed Flight Tickets 

Category: Visas of Oman, Visa, Tourist visa

Work Visa from Philippines to Oman

This visa is issued to the Philippines traveling to Oman for employment purposes Letter of employment from the organization in Oman Civil status (if married, a marriage certificate should be provided). Proof of accommodation. Sufficient funds to finance travel. Curriculum vitae. Flight reservation and insurance. Proof of educational qualification. Proof of certificate of experience. Travel itinerary. Original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months Two recent passport-sized photographs 35mm x 45mm Cover letter explaining travel plan. Banks statement issued from the bank with seal and signature. Income tax returns.

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