How to get Visas of Finland from Philippines


Facts about Finland

Finland’s plethora of lakes makes it a top summer destination. There are a plethora of lakes which have holiday cabins and host activities such as swimming, fishing, and sailing. The Arctic Lapland province is a top destination for tourist, it is a wilderness that has national parks and ski resorts. The country is well-known for its saunas and iconic designs.

The tourism industry in Finland accounts for about 2.5% of the Finnish GDP. The industry is responsible for providing about 136,700 jobs. In 2017, Finland played host to over 6.7 million foreign tourists.

Basic Travel Requirements for Filipinos visiting Finland

  • A passport with a validity of 3 months beyond the expiration of your visa.
  • There must be at least two blank pages for visa stamps.
  • Correctly filled and signed visa application form.
  • One passport-sized photograph taken on a white background and follows the visa application specification.
  • Bank statement for three months prior to the period of visa application. This is proof that you can cater for yourself during your time in the country.
  • Travel insurance with a coverage of €30,000 for medical insurance.
  • A copy of the visa application form.
  • Proof of accommodation for the duration of your stay in the country.
  • Return flight ticket.
  • Copy of travel itinerary.

Types of Finland Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Business Visa 15 days 90 days
Student Visa 15 days 2 - 3 years
Tourist Visa 15 days 90 days

Visas of Finland Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Business Visa 60.00 (EUR)
Student Visa 60.00 (EUR)
Tourist Visa 60.00 (EUR)

FAQs about Visas of Finland

What is the official language in Finland ?

The official languages in Finland are Finnish and Swedish. Minority languages spoken are Sami and Romani. English, German and French are the only foreign languages spoken.

What is Finland famous for ?

Finland is famous for its glassware known as Littala and its largest export is processed fish.

Can I drink the tap water in Finland ?

The tap water in Finland is very safe for drinking so tourists have nothing to worry about.

What vaccinations do I need before going to Finland ?

The CDC and WHO have recommended Hepatitis A and B, Rabies, Meningitis, Polio, Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), Chickenpox, Shingles, Pneumonia, and Influenza vaccinations for travelers going to Finland.

3 Visas of Finland found

Business Visa from Philippines to Finland

The Philippines applying for this visa should be those who wish to travel to Finland for business purposes. During your meeting with your partners, you can sign and negotiate contracts. You can also attend trade fairs, conferences, and business summits whilst you are in the country. You can also use this visa to attend seminars and meetings. A letter of invitation from the company in Finland you are meeting should be provided. In the letter, the company’s address, the purpose of your visit, and the duration of your visit should be provided. If the applicants' expenses will be covered by the partner company or the employer, it should be stated in the letter of invitation. A letter is to be submitted by your employer in the Philippines stating the awareness of your leave, purpose, and duration of stay should be submitted. The letter from your partner company should also contain your job discretion and salary level. Proof of previous trade relations between the two companies should be provided if there have been any. The original certified copy of Memorandum and Article of Association should be provided. You are not allowed to be gainfully employed while you are in the country on this visa. Holders of this visa are not allowed to seek public funds. Proof of paid visa application fees is required. Proof of incentive of returning to your country at the expiration of your visa is required. Private business owners are to submit their certificate of business registration. Income Return tax for the past six months should also be submitted. At the expiry of this visa, applicants are expected to leave the country. Minors traveling without their parents should have a letter of consent signed by both parents if they are traveling without their parents.  Also, the original copy of the minor’s birth certificate is required. This visa is only extended in exceptional cases.

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Student Visa from Philippines to Finland

The study visa is issued to the Philippines who want to study in an academical in Finland. Applicants must have been admitted into the institution of their choice before applying for this visa. A letter of invitation from the institution you have been accepted to should be provided.  The course you have enrolled for and the duration of the study should be stated in the letter. Applicant's international passport with a  minimum validity of six months from the date of departure is required. The validity of the student's visa depends on the embassy but is always more than 90 days. The passport biometric data is required. Certificates and transcripts from previously attended schools should be provided. A copy of the stay permit in the Philippine should be provided for non-Philippine citizens. Students are allowed to work for a period of time as long as it does not interfere with their studies. Proof of accommodation in the form of receipt for rent or dormitory reservations should be submitted. This visa may be extended to cover the period of your study. If you are a minor traveling without your parents, a letter of consent signed by both your parents should be provided. Also, an unabridged original copy of your birth certificate is required. Proof of full or part payment of tuition fees should be submitted. Applicants are to provide proof of financial sufficiency in form of bank statement that covers the applicant duration of stay. Bearers of this visa are allowed to work as long as it does not interfere with their studies. You are not allowed to seek public funds while you are in the country. Proof of payment of visa application form is required.

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Tourist Visa from Philippines to Finland

Thie tourist visa type is for the Filipinos visiting Finland for tourism, vacation, recreation, relaxation, and sightseeing. Applicants of this visa are allowed to visit their friends and relatives in the country. Persons visiting either their friends or relatives are to provide a letter of invitation from their host.  This letter should include the home address, telephone number as well as a valid means of identification of the host. Foreigners can attend festivals and events during their time in the country. Finland belongs to a Schengen state and therefore Schengen visa will be acceptable. The Finland tourism visa can either be single, double, or multiple entries. A letter from your current employer is required.  In this letter, your employer should confirm the awareness of your leave and also confirm continuous employment after the duration of the leave. Retirees should provide a document showing proof of pension and other financial support. A copy of the applicants' stay permit is required if the applicant is not a Philippines citizen. For minors, notarized travel permission from the parent is required.  The original copy of the minor’s birth certificate should be provided. Holders of this visa should ensure they have proof of the incentive of returning to their country. Proof of financial sufficiency that covers the applicant's duration of stay. Proof of travel itinerary or round trip reservation should be submitted. Proof of hotel reservation or accommodation is required. Travel insurance that has a value of 30,000 euros should also be submitted. Receipt of paid visa application fee is required. This visa prohibits you from working whilst you are in the country. Foreigners in Finland on the tourist visa cannot be enrolled in one of the institutions of learning. During your time in the country, you are not allowed to seek public funds. You are expected to leave the country at the expiry of your visa.

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