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Facts about Dominican-republic

The Dominican Republic is the most visited destination in the Caribbean region and ranks top 5 overall in the Americas. The country houses the tallest mountain peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte, as well as the largest lake and lowest elevation. Tourists are welcome to hike and climb the whole 3,098 meters to the top of the Pico Duarte. Asides this, tourists can enjoy their time on the beaches scattered around the country to watch thousands of humpback whales migrating, watch villagers’ fish, and also to relax and appreciate the landscape. It is also worth mentioning the year-round golf courses and national parks which are open to tourists. Foreigners are definitely assured a good time in the Dominican Republic.
The contribution of the tourism industry to the economy of the Dominican Republic cannot be overemphasized. The industry is an important source of revenue generation to the country. The country receives an average of 5 million tourists each year.
Foreigners traveling to the Dominican Republic are required to pay a departure tax of $20 on exit from the country. If this tax is not paid, you will not be allowed to leave the country. Some airlines often include this charge in the price of the ticket.

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