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Facts about Bhutan

Bhutan is known for its monasteries, fortresses and dramatic landscapes. The country has mountains and peaks which are very good trekking destinations. The most popular trekking destination is Jomolhari. The Phobjikha is a prime destination for bird-watching in the country. Tourists can also enjoy the lavish, multi-day festival which features masked dances and music at the historic Punakha Dzong.
Bhutan recorded the highest number of tourist visits in present day last year. This was due to the special that the government made to Koreans. The tourism industry contributed about $80 million to the country’s GDP.
To visit some parts of the country, you need prior authorization. The possession, use, and trafficking of illegal drugs attract lengthy jail sentences and hefty fines. Homosexuality act could lead to a prison sentence.
Citizens of India, Bangladesh, and The Maldives can travel to Bhutan without a visa or a pre-arranged tour.

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